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Why Scripted?

There was a moment just a couple of months ago that I decided to take a leap and begin the process of working for myself. In a quick moment of clarity I thought “now is the time”. There is never going to be a better time. After taking that initial thought and swirling it around in my head for a few days I took a deep breath and told my husband that I would like to launch my own brand. I had been daydreaming about event planning for myself for quite some time. I have worked in the event industry for several years but always for other people. I was ready to challenge my creativity, be earnest about what I wanted and who I wanted around me while I created it. I consider myself a very lucky girl to have so many friends in the event industry, all of whom were amazingly encouraging & supportive when I told them about my plan for Scripted. I have received amazing insight about working for myself, for better or worse. It is with their encouragement along with my dear family that I am here today. Scripted Events is about genuine celebration. From the moment the first guest arrives until the last candle blows out, I am going to treat my clients to something special - something to hold on to for the rest of their lives. Through quick moments of bravery, to deep breaths of gratitude, I'll be there to celebrate, and I truly hope you will join me. Happy launch day! ~Laura

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