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My first love

Ah, your first love… the innocence, the excitement, and yes, sometimes a bit of inevitable heart break. Well when it comes to events, for me, my first love is catering. Catering is where I got my start in the event industry. I was very fortunate working in a few very distinct venues, both quaint and grand. What I love about catering is that, no matter your style or preferences, it is universal and speaks to everyone. Who doesn't love food!?! Regardless of who you are and your personal background, food makes a statement. We can show our love and appreciation to our guests through food. It is also a wonderful, and generally under-utilized area to show guests your personality. Let’s face it…the event is about YOU, the host. Every moment of the evening should reflect your taste and message.

This is not to say that décor, beautiful linens, and flowers don’t make the top of the list. In my view, they are all working harmoniously together to make an event memorable. A well set room creates a tone for an event that is punctuated by memorable food and amazing drinks.

Here are some of my current favorite catering trends…not all brand new but still amazing:

Small Plates

How do you make a cocktail style event still feel refined and elegant yet filling…small plates. How do you make stations feel fresh…small plates. Small plates or tapas, simply put, are a tiny portion of a much larger dinner plate which means more variety…YUM!

Craft, well, ANYTHING

We know that Kentucky makes some incredible bourbon, which I am a huge fan but what about some of our other local selections. Craft beer, wines, micro-distilled vodka, locally sourced foods…I could go on and on. If you want guests to have a “Kentucky” experience what about this fresh take on bourbon and horses?

Food as an Experience

I had the pleasure of attending a Catersource convention last year…talk about a food experience! This party is the definition of food as an experience. Ok- it may be a bit far for some events but go big or go home, right?

Food Trucks, Food Trucks, Food Trucks

Let’s face it…Lexington has an amazing variety of food trucks these days and if you haven’t discovered them you are MISSING OUT! Some event have adorable carts that can be brought into events for a late night treat (which is also a personal fav!)

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